Verragio Engagement Rings – The Perfect Choice For Your Perfect Love Story

“Verragio Engagement Rings are distinct, different and unique compared to the regular ones available in the market. They specialize in semi-mount rings; where the couples can select the shape of the stones to be set in the middle. They are popular for their different type of settings such as the scallops along the edges, the bar settings and soft cathedral settings. They also mix and match channel settings with other design essentials such as pave settings. Some of their popular collections include:

Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring: One of the popular styles encompassing different generations, the solitaire ring is ever classic and ever elegant. There is not a single couple who is not mesmerized by this style and has become a fan of it. The single diamond set on your preferred choice of metal makes a bold statement calling for everyone’s attention.

Pave Engagement Ring: these styles of Verragio Engagement Rings give a new dimension to engagement rings. There are numerous small diamonds encrusted on the whole ring. As a result whichever side the ring turns, you are sure to get dazzled by the sparkle of a diamond. Not mean for a shy person, these rings are for fiery woman who like to flaunt a million stars wrapped around their fingers!

Halo Engagement Ring: One of the most “”in demand”” design, they are never outdated. With a big diamond in the centre with smaller diamonds on the side, these are ideal for those who like their rings to voice out a thousand feelings. In fact this design is such that, diamonds of practically any cut can fit into it be it the regular round cut or the princess cut or rectangular cut. Even the emerald cut looks beautiful in this design. If you have a lose diamond you can bring it and get it fitted into these rings. This design came into fashion in the 1920’s and it has been more than 93 years and still they are a sought after style.

Designer Engagement Ring: if you wish your Verragio Engagement Rings to be special you can always opt for the designer engagement rings. Compared to the designer and non designer rings, the designer ones are more preferred because of their excellent craftsmanship, superior quality, durability as well as the longevity. In fact these rings are ideal for daily wear and do not get scratched. Moreover their designs, styles and patterns are rare and exclusive to you. As they are made by the in house jewelry designers their patterns are not similar and hence retain their individualistic character. Furthermore you can also opt for customization of the rings and can avail of their customer service if in any case the rings need to be repaired.”

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